Champion Cottonwood

Carve! Selected Works from the Champion Cottonwood

November 23, 2013 – January 20, 2014

The Longmont Museum and Boulder County Parks and Open Space are proud to present Carve! Selected Works from the Champion Cottonwood, on exhibit at the Longmont Museum from November 23, 2013 through January 20, 2014. From a striking full size table, to elegant bowls and abstract sculptures, the exhibition features the work of 11 Colorado woodworkers who have carved fallen branches from the Hygiene “Gentle Giant” cottonwood tree and turned them into remarkable works of art.

The tree was recognized by the American Forests organization as the Champion Plains Cottonwood tree in 1967, the largest known cottonwood tree in the United States, and it held that title until the tree’s death in 2012. While portions of the trunk remain standing, large branches began to fall in 2012. Boulder County Parks and Open Space invited Colorado woodworkers to take pieces of fallen wood from this historic tree and create work to honor its legacy.

David Hawley
Rick Maddux
Drew Nichols
Tim O’Brien
Chris Olberding
John Rexford
Michael Roper
Anne Shutan
Joseph Sikora
Rodney Taylor
Fred Wilson
Steve Gandy

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